A software tool to measure and attribute spatially stratified heterogeneity

Fig. 1. Principle of Geodetector q-statistic (Wang et al 2016)

(The bottom map, the color indicates the values of a population Y. The top map, the population Y is composed of L strata (h = 1, 2, …, L), which are partitioned either by Y itself or by an explanatory variable X. The terms “stratification” and “partition” are equivalent, can be either classification or zonation. Between the two maps is the equation q(Y | X), in which the numerator is the summation of the within strata variance and the denominator is the pooled variance; N and s2 stand for the number of units and the variance of Y in a study area, respectively. [(N-L)q]/[(L-1)(1-q)] ~ F(L-1, N-L, g), where g is a non central parameter)


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